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DECLARATION BY MEMBER – By submitting the form above, you agree to the following;
I agree to abide by the CONSTITUTION and RULES of the Ulster Vintage Commercial Vehicle Club Ltd And to indemnify and keep safe the said club, and its Officers and Assistants against any claim whatsoever for loss, injury, or any accident to any person or persons, or to any property, in connection with, or as a result of any event, activity or meeting organised by or on behalf of the Club, or any service provided by the Club.
Once you have complete the membership form, please forward the required membership fee (£25/€30)  to:

Trevor Kirk,
7 Browndod Road,
BT39 0SY.

Please ensure that payment is sent by cheque or bankers draft (payable to Ulster Vintage Commercial Vehicle Club LTD) and that your name, address and contact number is clearly visible on the back of the cheque/bankers draft.